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Talking About focuses on three key domains - individual and group coaching, coach training and leadership development.


At the heart of our work lies the ontological approach to coaching. This approach continues to be at forefront of coaching methodologies allowing us to help people deal with concerns across all domains of life. As a result, we provide coaching for people about:

  • Leadership
    How to lead groups for better relationships and performance – to create and maintain willing followers.
  • Culture
    How to design and build culture within teams and organisations.
  • Building Resilience
    How to manage stress to perform more effectively as well as developing a more coherent way of being.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    How to create effective moods and manage emotional responses for better outcomes.
  • Adaptability
    How to become a more effective learner in order to respond quickly to rapid change.
  • Working with Others
    How relate and collaborate more effectively with others to achieve better outcomes.
  • Communication
    How to understand the patterns of conversations and employ them to communicate more effectively.
  • Accountability
    How to become more accountable and also hold others to account.
  • Enhancing Performance
    How to have the conversations needed to give feedback and enhance the performance.
  • Conflict Resolution
    How to effectively deal with difficult conflict situations.
  • Identity
    How to define how you want to be seen by others and establish your desired identity with them.
  • Coaching
    How to effectively coach others.
  • Mentoring
    How to be an effective mentor for others.
  • Having a Sounding Board
    Coaching designed to provide an arm’s length sounding board to provide an individual with the opportunity to reflect on various situations and explore new ways of thinking about their role.

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Learning The Ontological Approach

Although Talking About no longer runs a coach training program, we do offer you an opportunity to learn about the Ontological Approach.We are doing this through essays that contain questions for reflection, some of which were originally papers in our training program. These essays come at no cost to you. They cover the fundamental distinctions of our Ontological Approach together with how they may be applied.

Of course, you are welcome to contact us and discuss the ideas in the essays and how they might apply in your life. We would love to hear from you.

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Leadership Development

Have you ever wondered why there seems to be little overall improvement in the quality of leaders in the world despite the enormous amount of resources spent on their development?

We have!

The key to understanding why this is the case lies in what Jeffrey Pfeffer termed the "Knowing-Doing Gap". It is not that people in leadership roles do not know the theories of leadership because, due to the huge investment in leadership development, most do. However, although they know leadership, they do not DO leadership. To understand why, it is useful to go to the research and look at the key challenges faced today by leaders.

These challenges are:

  1. How to deal with increasing levels of stress;
  2. How to successfully engage the organisation in implementing rapid change;
  3. How to process the greater level of complexity that comes with such change; and
  4. How to maintain and then enhance productivity through the increased change period and beyond.

Meeting these challenges requires a high level of APPLIED skill in FOUR KEY areas:

  1. Personal Resilience
    The ability for self-awareness and the capacity to manage personal stress levels.
  2. Adaptability
    The ability to be a highly effective learner and to support others in their response to change.
  3. Alignment
    The ability to align others to shared meaning and towards a shared direction and purpose.
  4. Accountability
    The strength and openness to be accountable to oneself and others and the ability to hold others to account.

We believe these attributes not only apply to great leaders but to great coaches. As a result, our approach to leadership development is to help people develop their capacity to self-coach and coach others in the specific ways as they apply to being a leader.

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