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July 2013


Addicted to Possibilities

"It is possible to own too much. A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never sure."

… Gene Brown

Consider this simple fact. Last month, there were over 900,000 apps available in Apple's App Store. Most of them are free or so cheap as to make putting one of on your iPhone or iPad seem like an easy choice. So much so, that in May 2013 the fifty billionth app was downloaded. That is about seven apps for every person on the planet! And that is only apps downloaded by the Apple technology users of the world.

We live in an age where it seems that everything is at our fingertips, or if it isn't, then it seems it should be. Through our smart phones and tablets, we have a single conduit to browse the internet, play a game, text a friend, read a book, listen to music and the list goes on and on and on and on. This proliferation of accessibility has led many people into an age of distraction. Watch almost anyone using a smart phone and they are swapping between apps at a rapid rate. I better check Facebook, there is an e-mail, I wonder what the weather is like. I know for myself that I will start reading a book and a few minutes later my mind is wandering to what else I could access. There are just so many things I could do that it is easy to get distracted. Maybe you are not like me, but I suspect many of you are.

We also live in an age where many of us have been told that anything is possible. The self-development industry has certainly played some part in this including the coaching industry. I recently had a coffee with a young woman who was interested in doing our coach training program. I asked why she was drawn to the ontological approach. She replied that she had explored quite a number of options, which she described as "happy, happy, clappy, clappy" approaches to coaching. She found the excessive positiveness of the people she had encountered as disingenuous and was looking for a more grounded approach. Now I certainly don't want to say that something you seek in life is impossible to achieve, however to get there may require considerable luck and hard work. Although many things are possible, many of those are highly unlikely to come into being. Not everyone can become a music or movie superstar despite it being the dream of many.

The "happy, happy, clappy, clappy" approach also speaks to the idea that life should always be fun. Many people have become obsessed with the pursuit of happiness as a goal. There is a wonderful article recently in the Herald-Sun where Dr. Russ Harris debunks the happiness myth and speaks to the value of the full range of our emotional life.

So what does all this mean? There are many people in the world today who are constantly seeking a wonderful life based on the possibilities they believe are there for them, but who are not prepared to stay focused on a particular goal once the effort involved is no longer fun. There are so many other distractions that might not be painful that it is easy to choose one of those. It is easy to become addicted to those possibilities and avoid the pain. Added to that, many people want to transform themselves painlessly. They want a healthy body without eating a healthy diet and exercising. They want personal growth without having to deal with the challenges that impede that growth.

At the end of the day, sustainable transformation takes time, discomfort and effort. It is not achieved by popping a pill and rarely achieved by going through a program that lasts a week or even a month. If you want personal transformation then you must be prepared to embrace discomfort and the full range of emotions and stay the course. Believe me the effort is worth it. All you have to do is avoid the distractions!

We invite you to explore more in the articles section of our web site.

Play Create Elevate

Some thoughts from Jacqui Chaplin

"Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been."

… Alan Alda (b. 1936) US actor

“Doing That Creativity Thing”

As I have said before when it comes to creativity , the “Just do it!’ Nike philosophy applies.

However, many of us may not know where to start. Or others may have the belief that “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”. These two things, among many others, can be a barrier to expressing our creativity.

In a recent interview, Brené Brown PhD, an expert researcher in the area of shame and vulnerability, said The absence of creativity is not benign”. I suggest that you don’t wait any longer… It is never too late to start exploring your creative potential.

To help you develop your creativity, I am offering you, your friends and your colleagues the opportunity to regularly participate in hands-on sessions to reflect, explore and to apply at a practical level some creative practices in your life.

Each Wednesday night (first through fourth Wednesday of each month) I am running “Doing That Creativity Thing” sessions from 7 - 8.30pm. These sessions will focus on the beliefs, stories and ideas that stop us from being more creative on a day to day basis with a least a full hour of hands on creativeness. I will focus these sessions on my preferred mediums, of doodling and collage, you – the creative-ist  - will be offered ideas and images to stimulate creativity and practical support and guidance in putting it “all together”.

For more information on session times, locations and costs please go to www.jacquichaplin.com/doingthatcreativitything.

And whether you join the sessions or not I’d love to show any of your creative ideas or pieces on the Jacqui Chaplin | Amoebic Frog Designs Facebook Page.

“A Statement of Mind Too” | Exhibition Continues

My art is still on display at one of Victoria’s premier regional galleries -  The Convent Gallery in Daylesford during August. The gallery is open between 10-4pm daily and is a great place to immerse yourself in an amazing array of art in a truly magnificent building. I will be at the Convent Gallery doing floor talks on Sunday 11th and Sunday 18th August. Plan ahead – the trip to Daylesford for a Sunday drive is a marvellous one! Come and say “Hi” I’d love to see you there!

If you would like to view more of my work just follow the links on the front page at www.jacquichaplin.com

Play Create Elevate Programs

“good mental health & bouncing forward” programs:

  • Inform participants how to support the early intervention and harm minimisation for themselves & others experiencing mental health issues.
  • Allow participants to take an active role in reducing the professional & personal impacts of mood disorders, such as lost productivity, impacts on the organisation’s bottom line and relationship breakdowns.
  • Support and encourage the open and comfortable discussion of mental health challenges.
play create elevate’s full-day workshops:

  • highlight the statistics
  • explore the difference between being sad and being depressed
  • identify the signs and symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder
  • walk through the steps to access appropriate support and intervention
  • share a ‘lived experience’ of depression and five steps to survive and then thrive
  • explore and discuss unconscious bias related to depression and mental health issues generally
  • explore resilience
  • develop personalised ‘bouncing forward’ strategies
  • explore and develop ways to have conversations about mental health concerns
  • provide meaningful opportunities to engage in creativity and child-like play as a means of inoculating against stress, anxiety and depression

Elements of the one-day program make up the one-hour briefings and half-day workshops.

To book a session to meet the needs of your organisation’s good mental health and resilience goals or find out more contact Jacqui Chaplin  on  +61 (0)412 741 531 or email jacqui@jacquichaplin.com

Please check out the website, www.PlayCreateElevate.com.au, and let her know what you think.

More on PCE next month!

The Monthly Diversion

This month, we continue the golf theme courtesy of David Letterman

David Letterman's Top Ten Reasons Why Golf Is Better Than Sex...

  1. A below par performance is considered damn good.
  2. You can stop in the middle and have a cheeseburger and a couple of beers.
  3. It's much easier to find the sweet spot.
  4. Foursomes are encouraged.
  5. You can still make money doing it as a senior.
  6. Three times a day is possible.
  7. Your partner doesn't hire a lawyer if you play with someone else.
  8. If you live in Florida, you can do it almost every day.
  9. You don't have to cuddle with your partner when you're finished.
  10. And the NUMBER ONE reason why golf is better than sex...
  11. When your equipment gets old you can replace it!

"The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off."

… Gloria Steinem (b. 1934) US feminist, journalist and lecturer

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