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What We Offer

Chris Chittenden and Jacqui Chaplin are Master Coaches each with over 4,000 hours of coaching experience across a wide variety of situations and domains. They have worked with individuals as well as groups in Australia and overseas in countries such as the US, UK, South Africa, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Their work covers themes such as:

  • Leadership Development
    How to more effectively lead groups and organisations by creating and maintaining willing followers.
  • Organisational Culture
    How to design and build culture within teams and organisations.
  • Managing Stress and Building Resilience
    How to manage stress to perform more effectively as well as developing a more coherent way of being.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
    How to create effective moods and manage emotional responses for better outcomes.
  • Adaptability through more Effective Learning
    How to become a more effective learner in order to respond more easily to rapid change.
  • Collaboration with Others
    How relate and collaborate more effectively with others to achieve better outcomes.
  • Communication with Others
    How to understand patterns of conversations and employ them to communicate more effectively.
  • Accountability
    How to become more accountable and also hold others to account.
  • Giving Feedback to Others
    How to have the conversations needed to give feedback and enhance performance.
  • Conflict Resolution
    How to effectively deal with difficult conflict situations.
  • Identity and Branding
    How to define the way you want to be seen by others and establish your desired identity with them; for both individuals and organisations.
  • Coaching Skills
    How to effectively coach others.
  • Mentoring Skills
    How to be an effective mentor for others.
  • Being a Sounding Board
    Coaching designed to provide an unbiased sounding board to provide an individual with the opportunity to reflect on various situations and explore new ways of thinking about their role.

So What Is Coaching?

Coaches have been particularly prominent in the sports performance domain for a long time, yet, in the last decade, we have seen the profession of coaching widely translated into many other fields – business, education, the performing arts and life in general. There is often some confusion here as many people assume that coaching in these other fields is the same as in the sports domain. It is not.

Sports coaches are leaders of teams. Although there can be many common areas between broader-based coaching and leading, there is one fundamental difference - sports coaches are part of the team and lead the agenda of the team; broader-based coaches work with the agenda of their client. Coaches intervene in the way people act so they can take full advantage of their personal skills and knowledge.

THREE Levels of Coaching

We subscribe to the philosophy that there are three levels of coaching:

  • Transactional Coaching designed to address specific issues and concerns. For example, dealing with a difficult employee or co-worker;
  • Developmental Coaching designed to develop specific skills such as leadership and relationships – see the list of coaching themes above for more on our work in this area; and
  • Transformational Coaching which ultimately supports people to enhance their way of being. This can involve the emergence of new value systems and worldviews that develop a capacity to observe and engage in life with greater complexity allowing for better outcomes in life.

How these levels of coaching apply depends upon your needs and ambitions. Our coaches are skilled in the ontological approach to coaching, which has been a leading coaching methodology for many years. Chris Chittenden's work in continually developing this approach has led to some fascinating insights in all domains of human activity and he and Jacqui bring these distinctions to their coaching work.

What Does Coaching Involve?

The Coaching Conversations

In its simplest form coaching is a series of conversations between a coach and their client. At Talking About, coaching conversations are conducted face to face or via webcam using Skype. We are prepared to also conduct coaching conversations over the phone but only as a last resort.

Conversations can range in length from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the situation. Frequency and length of sessions can be agreed up front or arrangements can be made on a flexible “as needed” basis
The progression of coaching conversations is a matter of agreement between the coach and their client. It can be done in a very structured manner (often required by organisations), evolve organically conversation by conversation or fit somewhere in between.

Want to Experience What It Is Like?

If you are interested in being coached but unsure whether our approach would suit you then why not arrange a FREE introductory session with no obligation for you to continue.

These introductory sessions are 45 minutes long. They involve a brief introduction and the opportunity to address an issue you wish to resolve, so you would need to bring a topic for conversation.

Write to us at or call Chris on 0412 741 537 to arrange a FREE introductory session or to find out more.

Please note that we do not engage in pressure selling techniques in our work. Respecting and serving our clients is at the core of our work, so we will not use these introductory sessions to pressure you into a paid coaching relationship.

How Much Do You Have To Invest?

At Talking About, we appreciate that different people have a varying capacity to finance their coaching. To that end, we provide a variable scale for our client rosters and even allow for a couple of pro bono spaces. There are limitations set for numbers at various price points on our client rosters; however these rosters are dynamic in nature so places do open up.

We believe that coaching relationships should only be maintained whilst the client feels it is valuable to them. Therefore we do not require clients to enter into contracts to undertake a certain number of sessions and rather invite them to pay as they go.

Ultimately we invite you to ask yourself what it is worth to you to have a better future.

For More Information

For more information about coaching, please contact Chris Chittenden on +61 412 741 537 or email us at