The Ontological Hub


Hello and welcome to the Ontological Hub.

Its creation has been a long time dream of mine and stems from my passion for the ontological approach and my strong belief that it can be used to create better human communities and individual experiences of life. The ontological approach has been around for some time yet it has only been shared piecemeal with the world through the various organisations that use it as the foundation of their work. Mainly this has been through the learning programs from Newfield Network and Newfield Institute. Generally they have promoted their own work, as does any commercial organisation, and given only some recognition to the other communities and organisations involved in taking the ontological approach to the world.

The Ontological Hub is designed to bring that all together. As such, I have not created this as a commercial endeavour but as a gift of gratitude to those who have played a part in creating such a rich way of living and understanding the human condition. I aim to provide visitors with a place to find out more about the ontological approach, what it is in its different forms, how it has evolved and how to get involved. Initially, there will be pages dedicated to ontological notables such as Fernando Flores and Julio Olalla, and information about upcoming ontological programs around the world.

The Ontological Hub will evolve as time goes. I aim to add to the pages on ontological notables, provide short videos on various ontological distinctions, share recorded conversations with others in the ontological world and generally provide a more information about the ontological approach, its theory and practical application.

With Warm Regards ... Chris Chittenden

The Ontological Hub is an evolving space. As such, I am always looking for things to add. If you have something you would like to contribute then I would be delighted to hear from you. All you have to do is email me at and let me know what you would like to add. You can make requests to add a notable ontological contributor, including yourself, add ontological programs, include new distinctions or topics to be discussed or anything else you feel may add value to visitors.

The caveat to this is that this is not a marketing space simply a place to find out about the ontological community, so please, no sales pitches!