Ontological Distinctions

What are Ontological Distinctions?

Ontological distinctions are various theoretical aspects of the ontological approach. We are in the process of creating a number of short papers and video presentations each highlighting a distinction and how they might differ between those who teach the ontological approach.

We hope to regularly add to those below, so come back and visit this page soon.

The Papers

Foundational Concepts

  1. The Basic Premise
  2. The Domains of Being Human (Ken Wilber's Big 3 - The 'I', "We' and 'It')
  3. The Circles of Control, Influence and Concern (Applying Ken Wilber's Big 3)

Our Circle of Control

Being Human
  1. Our Way of Being - Body, Mood, Emotion and Language
  2. Patterns of Being
  3. Different Observers
  4. The Legitimate Other
  5. Language as Action

The Videos

The Basic Premise

The idea of a basic premise is that it provides a foundation for the alignment of ideas within a theoretical framework. This presentation looks at the basic premise developed by Chris Chittenden and used to underpin the ontological approach taught by Talking About.

This page will evolve over time and you are invited to contact us at info@talkingabout.com.au if you like to have us explain a particular distinction in the ontological approach.