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Since 1970, Human Synergistics has provided research based transformation tools to organisations around the globe, making them one of leading providers of profiles for individual and organisational development. Human Synergistics was founded in the United States, by Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty, an expert in clinical psychology, both practical and theoretical. Dr. Lafferty and his associates researched and developed a multi-level series of diagnostic instruments—focusing on self-assessment, achievement thinking, and responsible decision-making. Their profiling tools centre around the Human Synergistics Circumplex™.

Operating in New Zealand since 1979 and in Australia since 1989, Human Synergistics have a strong presence in both countries. With an extensive network of accredited consultants (that includes us!) and based on over 2000 organisations and 100,000 individuals, they have created the most extensive database of individual, group and organisational behavioural variables in this part of the world . As a result, their profiling instruments have significant statistical validation and are well-known and well-used throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We have been using the Human Synergistics' tools since 2002. We selected to use them following an extensive assessment of what was available and chose this suite of tools due to their alignment with the ontological approach.

Accredited Instruments

Based on our extensive use of the Human Synergistics suite of profiles, we are lifetime accredited in the following instruments:

  • Life Styles Inventory 1 (LSI 1)
    The LSI 1 is the first in a series of Human Synergistics’ self-assessment tools specifically designed to help you answer the important question of “Who am I, and what causes me to act the way I do?”
  • Life Styles Inventory 2 (LSI 2)
    Do others see the same qualities in you as you see in yourself? As we seek to develop as human beings and leaders, one of our most serious difficulties is a lack of perspective. Looking at ourselves through others’ eyes provides information essential to the self-development process. Often what we believe we do is not what others see. Learning the difference creates a point of choice about what actions we want to take in the future. This is what the LSI 2 aims to achieve.

    You will have learned something about how you see yourself if you have completed the Life Styles Inventory 1™ (LSI 1). With the results of this profile you will understand your thinking styles and associated behaviour. Regardless of how honest you are in completing the LSI 1, your sense of yourself may well be very different from the way others describe your behaviour. Indeed more often than not this is the case. These differences provide fertile ground to help you make choices about creating a new way of being in the future.

  • LSI Breakout
    The LSI Breakout provides a richer LSI 2 experience and gives you feedback from three points of view - your Higher Level Manager, Peers and Direct Reports. The value in this report lies in seeing how you are seen in your interactions with people on different levels in the organisation and can provide some valuable insights into how you might behave differently when the authority dynamic shifts.
  • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)
  • Groups always develop their own relationship dynamics. These dynamics are reflected in the way that group members interact with one another and coordinate action together. The Group Styles Inventory (GSI) points to the constructive and defensive elements of group dynamics using the Human Synergistics Circumplex. This provides for a common language that links individual, group and organisational development efforts.The GSI also assesses an individual team member’s perception of the group’s interaction on a task or problem-solving situation.The combined responses of the group become the group’s needs assessment, identifying behaviours for the group to change and build or strengthen to better achieve synergy.

  • Leadership/Impact (LI)
  • Leadership/Impact® is a transformational tool, developed for leaders to become aware of the impact of their own leadership strategies and how these affect the performance of their organisations.

    It focuses on:

    • Leadership Strategies
      The extent to which the leader personally acts in prescriptive as opposed to restrictive ways leading to the greater likelihood of constructive or defensive styles.
    • Impact on Others
      The extent to which the leader motivates or drives people to behave in constructive versus defensive ways.
    • Leadership Effectiveness
      The levels of current performance based on personal and organisational criteria.

    Leadership/Impact® provides the necessary information to develop change and improvement strategies.

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